Business Credit Cards
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No matter the size of your venture, a credit card for business is essential. Though its bonus structure is similar to that of a consumer credit card, a business credit card comes with a distinct, special perk. It can provide rewards in business-oriented expenditure categories, such as office supplies, telecommunications or even social media services.

A quick note before we continue: A business credit card is different from a corporate credit card. A corporate card is provided by your employer and is usually used for work-related purchases like business travel, while a business credit card has a much wider range of use.

Before applying for a business credit card, it’s important to have a good understanding of your cash flow — how much you’re spending and where you’re spending it. You should also determine how high you’d like your credit limit to be. Putting things you can’t afford on a charge card could damage your credit and business credit score. You’ll also need to consider how much time you want to invest in redeeming rewards and make sure you’ll be purchasing things that fall into your card’s “eligible purchase” bucket. These factors will help you determine which card works best for your business.

Ready to put away your personal credit card and start earning rewards with the best business credit card? We did a deep dive to determine which business credit cards have the lowest fees and the best perks (such as a welcome bonus). We’ll update this list of partner offers periodically as we review new cards.

Best overall business credit card

1.5% cash-back flat rate

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