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It’s no question that link building plays an essential role in improving your search engine rankings. In fact, Google and other search engines see it as a major ranking factor.

However, link building isn’t just about focusing on relevant and high-quality links. Many don’t realize the importance of choosing the right anchor text, particularly on how it can boost their SEO efforts.

If you’re not aware, Google is now paying more attention to the words people use to describe their links. The more appropriate they are, the higher your website’s chances are of getting a good ranking. And, with a good ranking comes more visibility, leads, and conversions.

So, how can you optimize your anchor text to ensure you secure the top spot in the search engine results page? Find out three proven tips below.

Keep Keywords as Relevant as Possible

Since anchors are basically what Google relies on when it comes to identifying links, it’s crucial to pick anchor words or phrases that exactly define these links. That way, crawlers will know right away what the link’s all about, helping them determine whether the page deserves a decent ranking.

What’s more, choosing suitable anchors creates a better experience for users. What does this mean, you ask? Well, a positive user experience is another ranking factor. Once Google sees that your visitors are satisfied with how your website works, it will most likely reward you with a good ranking.

Consider the Surrounding Text

With search engines now favoring natural human language and the surrounding context, it’s only fitting that you carefully select the words around your anchors. Make sure that they’re related.

Also, don’t use the same anchor words throughout the entire body, even if you’re linking to various sites every time. Google may deem it as over-optimization, eventually penalizing you.

Avoid Shady Websites

Linking to any website that violates Google’s Webmaster Guidelines is obviously a no-no. These are sites that engage in spammy tactics, promote hateful speech, and those that spread misinformation.

Such websites are considered manipulative, and linking to them can spell disaster. If ever you find yourself in this position, expect a significant decline in organic rankings, visibility, traffic, leads, and worst of all, sales.

In case there’s an urgent need to link to these so-called toxic sites, you should use a no-follow tag. This tag protects your SEO, as it basically tells Google that you’re not actually endorsing the linked website,

Final Thoughts

Again, your anchor text shouldn’t be taken for granted. It should be a vital part of your link building strategy if your goal is to improve your SEO altogether.

These tips will certainly help, but if you’re not so confident about your skills, hiring a digital marketing agency should be your best bet. Trust us, it’s a decision you’ll never regret.


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