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The population of Finland is only 5.4 million people, so why are there more than 30 companies operating casinos and poker rooms? It turns out that these companies have found ways to offer their products at very competitive prices, which you can’t match elsewhere. Here are the reasons behind the success of Finland’s online gambling industry.

Gambling Regulation By The Government

The Finnish government is very proactive in regulating the gambling industry. They have put in place laws and regulations that ensure the safety of players while also ensuring that the companies operating Finnish online casinos also known as “suomalaiset nettikasinot” in Finland are legitimate businesses. This has helped create a safe environment for players, which has encouraged more people to gamble online.

Competitive Prices

Finland’s online gambling industry has grown because of the competitive prices to consumers. People are always looking for a good deal, which is especially true when playing casino games or poker. The country offers some of the lowest house edges globally, which means players have better chances at winning big. This makes them very attractive to new players.

In addition, Finland’s online casinos and poker rooms also offer some of the highest betting limits in the world! Players from around the globe have flocked to their sites just because they can play for a lot more money than anywhere else. This has increased competition between them, leading to better service and higher quality games.

Taxation Of Gambling Winnings In Finland

Finland has a very progressive attitude towards online gambling. They have enacted laws that allow Finns to gamble in casinos from their home computers or mobile devices, which is why they are so successful. However, the government doesn’t just let any company operate within their borders; new casinos must undergo a lengthy application process to be licensed.

In addition, the government also requires that all winnings from these casinos and poker rooms be taxed at 30%. This is relatively low compared with other countries’ rates, which means players can keep more earnings.

High Measure of Security Assurance and Privacy

The government has made it their priority to ensure that the online gambling industry is safe for players. This means all companies must undergo a strict application process and pass stringent regulations before operating within Finland’s borders. In addition, the Finnish Gambling Authority (FGA) also performs onsite inspections of these casinos at least once a year. This helps reassure players that they are playing in a safe and secure environment, without any issues or concerns.

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There’s A Huge Investment In Online Gaming By Finnish Operators

The Finnish gambling market is worth an estimated €780 million, and most of this comes from online gaming. This is because Finnish operators saw the potential for expansion in this market and invested heavily. For example, NetEnt, a leading online casino games provider, has its headquarters in Sweden but operates several casinos in Finland.

This has resulted in better games and greater innovation by attracting some of the industry’s greatest talent to Finland. In addition, it has also encouraged other companies to enter the Finnish market, thus increasing competition and leading to even better deals for players.

Casino Game Variety And Bonuses

Finland is home to some of the best online casinos globally, and this is because they offer a wide variety of games. Players can choose from hundreds of different slots, table games, and poker rooms. In addition, these casinos often offer generous bonuses to new players, which helps to attract them to their sites.

This increased competition has led to some fantastic deals for players, such as free spins, no deposit bonuses, and match deposits. These bonuses allow players to try out various games without risking their own money.

Greater Focus On Technology

Finland is a hotbed for technological innovation, which is especially true for online gaming. The country has some of the best software developers globally, and they are constantly developing new and innovative ways to make casino games more exciting and fun. This focus on technology has helped make Finland one of the leaders in the online gambling industry.

In addition, it has also led to the development of some fantastic new casino products, such as VR casinos and live dealer games. These products are helping to change the landscape of online gaming and making it even more exciting for players.


One of the main reasons for the rapid growth of online gaming in Finland is the insatiable desire for casino games. Increasing availability to leading Finnish casinos is also important in making online gaming a way of life in Finland. Even though many firms that operate casinos are subject to government regulation, there is a positive impact on the overall popularity of online casino gambling among Finnish players.

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