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The rising importance of on-demand services and apps has turned delivery services into a profitable business. A robust business idea, reliable delivery management software, and a resilient fleet are required to keep running operations smoothly. To help entrepreneurs and small-business owners get started with a delivery business, we have listed the Top 7 trending delivery business ideas for 2022.

1. Food Delivery Business

Ordering food delivery over the internet is not a new business venture. In reality, this sector has attracted thousands of entrepreneurs who want to launch an online food delivery firm. Furthermore, with a predicted market volume of US $20.792 million by 2025, the online meal delivery business clearly has a lot of potential and prospects for companies worldwide.

a) Frozen Food Delivery

People like frozen food because the food supply is no longer limited by the seasons. One can eat whatever and whenever he/she wants. In addition, the convenience of frozen food is unparalleled – take the meal out of the refrigerator, reheat it, and devour it.

The market for frozen food soars as people stay at home during the epidemic. This is a rapidly expanding field that is expected to reach $380.5 billion by 2027. Aside from this expansion, the frozen food business will benefit from the pandemic-induced trend toward healthier foods.

b) Bakery Products Delivery

Cakes, waffles, pastries, bread, and other such delicacies are some goods that no one on the planet can refuse! As per a survey, the global output of bakery items and bread produced was roughly 90 million tons and is predicted to hit 135 million tons by 2025. In the United States alone, commercial bakery items shipments are more than $30 billion.

Pro Tip: Delivery business owners offer a platform for bakery goods sellers to sell their products on the owners’ app and serve as a delivery service provider. These owners can also offer their products along with others’ bakery products, similar to how Amazon does.

c) Corporate Food Delivery

Providing food to the workplace in small and large enterprises is a tremendous business concept for startups in urban locations. Companies prefer to buy nutritious breakfasts, lunch, coffee, mid-day and evening snacks while being seated at their workstations.

Pro Tip: Entrepreneurs can partner with nearby restaurants, local eateries, small food joints, cafes, and provide affordable corporate food delivery services.

d) Pet Food Delivery

Pets are the family member in over 70% (90.5 million) of American homes, accounting for $45.5 billion in spending. Pet owners are known for indulging their furry members and spending on everything that helps to ensure their health, from pet care to toys to food. They are also prepared to spend a little more for convenience in today’s hectic environment, reducing food runs to pet stores or supermarkets.

According to estimates, the pet food market in the United States would be valued at $92.747 million by 2022. Moreover, the global pet food sector is predicted to increase to $88.5 billion by 2023.

Several large pet food manufacturers are taking online orders. Online purchasing is available at major merchants such as Lowe’s Home Depot, Petco, and Chewy.

Pro Tip: Several eateries specialize in making pet food and not just offer raw food. Form a partnership with such restaurants to bring this concept to life and help it grow.

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e) Fresh Fruit Delivery

One of the most lucrative delivery ventures to begin at any time is fruit delivery. Everyone likes eating fruits because of their nutritional value, but not everybody can obtain them from farmers or stores. They prefer fresh produce, which may not be available in their areas.

Create efficient routes for food deliveries directly from local farmers to your customers using a route planner app. Furthermore, as the vegan movement grows in popularity, an increasing number of consumers desire to get fruit online.

Pro Tip: Add fruit salad delivery options to the fruit delivery services as an additional perk. Mostly, office goers require healthy food options, and a fruit salad can suffice them.

f) Home-made Food Delivery

In metropolitan cities, wholesome and home-cooked meals are highly demanded. City dwellers, primarily professionals going to the office and living as paying guests, are in search of homemade meals to maintain a healthy diet.

Pro Tip: Along with the hygiene, consider offering variety and taste that induces people to place an order. Also, find and team up with homemade meal makers.

2. Pharmacy and Medical Tests’ Report Delivery Business

With the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic and an increasing number of ailments, individuals are in desperate need of medical assistance on a continuous basis. Also, almost every hospital, nursing home, or diagnostic facility requires companies to transmit laboratory test results to patients’ homes. Additionally, if one resides near a hospital, he/she can consider beginning a medical test delivery service.

The majority of individuals nowadays have highly hectic schedules. Maintaining a career, caring for children, and fulfilling social obligations are becoming increasingly difficult. So, catering to their needs with timely medical reports delivery can be considered a fruitful service business.

Especially, senior citizens who live alone, in particular, cannot manage to go to pharmacies or chemists each time they need medicine. So, to cater to their needs, set up an online pharmacy delivery service in two simple ways:

The first step entails forming partnerships with local pharmacies and including their merchandise on the website and app. Whenever an order is received, it can be forwarded to the nearby partner pharmacist and dispatch the fleet to fulfill it.

The second approach includes working with a pharmaceutical supplier, keeping a well-stocked medicine supply, and completing each order individually. Regardless of how one chooses to set up their pharmaceutical delivery service, they will need a sophisticated marketplace builder to establish a website and app.

3. Egg-bread-milk Delivery

Every morning, people usually require milk, eggs, bread, cheese, and a variety of other essential goods. Carrying eggs, owing to their fragility can be a tricky task for many. So, establish a dedicated egg-bread-milk delivery service that meets consumers’ daily requirements on a weekly, monthly, or yearly subscription basis.

Pro Tip: Begin this business locally, serving both household and commercial customers such as snack bars and restaurants.

4. Furniture Delivery Business

In 2022, furniture delivery services could be a wonderful option to start a business. In this sector, there are large profit percentages and little rivalry. Partnering with a professional and dependable furniture vendor is the simplest method to establish a furniture delivery company.

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Finding an appropriate partner is critical to this business as, when it comes to furniture, quality trumps delivery speed. After partnering with a furniture vendor, entrepreneurs can set their delivery fleet and start an online furniture platform where clients can purchase things they offer. In addition to this, furniture assembling services can be added to help this business stand out from the competitors.

5. Fresh Ingredients Delivery Business

Many people enjoy experimenting with new dishes and putting their culinary abilities to the test. So, providing recipes for many categories such as low calorie, low fat, mid-day snacks, and healthy breakfast is a terrific idea.

People are inclined to purchase farm-fresh products in order to cook healthy food while maintaining complete hygiene. The best aspect of delivering such services is that customers can get the option of purchasing all the recipe’s ingredients with a tap.

Pro Tip: Ensure that the app gives consumers concise, brief, and easy-to-follow step-by-step directions along with the auto-suggested ingredients.

6. After Hours Delivery Service Business

There are occasions when an individual wants to be somewhere immediately, either before or after normal office hours. It is also not uncommon to require a pharmaceutical or grocery item at odd hours. Moreover, these people are happy to pay a premium price for such delivery services. To cater to their needs and earn huge revenue, an entrepreneur or a start-up can provide delivery of such products at the push of a button.

7. Laundry Service Delivery Business

People used to go to laundry shops for laundry services, but now they prefer to have them delivered to their homes. A delivery person will pick the clothing from the clients’ location and deliver them to the appropriate owners after they have been dry cleaned.

It also is a service that draws hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and spas. This is a simple and practical approach to getting started with this business.

Pro Tip: To be a differentiator, adopt an eco-friendly strategy to this business and promote its several benefits to the clients.

Bottom Line

A hectic schedule, changing lifestyles, and increased spending capacity are the chief reasons for attaining popularity in this service business worldwide. Moreover, with contemporary devices in hand, consumers are turning out to be more demanding.

By adopting a well-planned strategy and making the right investment, entrepreneurs can make substantial revenue from these top 7 trending delivery businesses. In case, if you have any other delivery business ideas in mind, you can comment below in the comment section.


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