Scorpio Horoscope 2022
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Happy New Year, Scorpio! You’re intense, loyal, passionate, and creative. Sure, you can get a bit jealous at times, but there’s no one else in the stars like you. Perhaps it’s because you have not just one but two ruling planets, warrior Mars and transformative Pluto. The bad news is that both planets go retrograde this year. The good news is that you experience a cosmic makeover as a result (and yes, you can change up your hair, too). Between those two retrogrades and a few eclipses in your sign, it’s a busy year, but if anyone can survive it, it’s you, powerful Scorpio. So now, let’s get to it.

Monday, May 16, brings a full moon and lunar eclipse in your sign, Scorpio. Eclipses have a bit of a reputation. They can be messy, dramatic and leave us all feeling emotionally sensitive. Think of them as cosmic wildcards. Eclipses also bring surprise news. In the case of lunar eclipses, this tends to manifest as endings. Don’t worry; that doesn’t mean that your loving relationship will suddenly blow up. More likely, if you’re involved in any unhealthy relationships, the eclipse will prompt you to start looking for something better.

Your theme for 2022 is strength and transformation, Scorpio. You indeed are one of the most magnetic and powerful signs of the zodiac, but you also tend to self-sabotage due to your emotional intensity. You need to remember that no matter what happens if you leave a job or break up with a loser, you will come out on top. The theme of transformation continues when one of your ruling planets, Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, goes retrograde on Friday, April 29, through Saturday, October 8. Start working with a therapist, try a new exercise program, or any self-care activity to boost your self-esteem. Pluto retrograde asks you to let go of toxic relationships and situations in your life, and you need to feel strong to make that happen.

On Sunday, October 23Venus enters your sign, staying through Wednesday, November 16. Venus is a lovely planet that rules romance, money, and beauty. You may have cut off toxic relationships during Pluto retrograde and the eclipse, but get ready to feel like a sex god while Venus is in your sign. This time of the year sees you going on adventurous dates and may even bring money your way, so stay on top of your inbox. It’s also the perfect time to get any beauty procedure or body mod done, so go ahead and splurge on those fillers or a new piercing.

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Watch out, world, because Scorpio season begins on Sunday, October 23. Don’t worry, you get to celebrate, but wait until after Tuesday, October 25, which brings a new moon and solar eclipse, to have a party. While full moons and lunar eclipses bring surprise endings, new moons and solar eclipses bring fresh starts and new beginnings. Yes, these are all good things, like new job offers, but any eclipse will be a stressful time. So sign off social media and sign up for a massage or other form of self-care. And then, once the eclipse passes, go forth and celebrate your birthday (and Halloween!).

Your other ruling planet, warrior Mars, goes retrograde on Sunday, October 30. It goes direct on Sunday, January 30. You’re one of the most sexual signs of the zodiac, Scorpio, much thanks to firey Mars’ sexually assertive disposition. But while Mars is retrograde, everyone loses the wind from their sails a little bit, and you are more affected than other signs. If you find yourself less interested in sex during this time, remember that there are different ways to curate intimacy. Plan thoughtful dates with partners, and if you’re single, don’t feel bad about choosing a hot bath over your Hitachi wand once in a while.

Any changes in your romantic life or at work (Mars retrograde can make you less assertive on the job, too) should be easy to navigate when messenger Mercury enters your sign on Saturday, October 29, where it will stay through Thursday, November 17. Because you’re prone to jealousy, sometimes Mars retrograde can help cooler heads prevail, especially when the communication planet Mercury is on your side. 2022 is a year of change, but it’s all for the best, Scorpio. Stay safe and see you next year!

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