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Welcome to February 2023, star children. You made it through January, which is no small feat, as the first month of a year is just about always a hectic and stressful one. On top of the typical post-holiday season exhaustion — an emotional hangover, if you will — there is often a lot of pressure to change old habits, make new pledges, and jumpstart your way into the new year.

By February, though, we’re often a little more at ease. Not only is it the shortest month of the year, it brings everyone’s favorite sweets-filled holiday: On Tuesday, February 14, we celebrate Valentine’s Day. While there’s much that can be said about the commercialism and hype surrounding this pink-and-red day, it nevertheless offers a great opportunity to celebrate treasured relationships — of all kinds. If you’re partnered up, you may be in search of a unique Valentine’s Day gift or a fun experience to do as a pair (or trio, et al). If you’re single, you can still do some playful makeup and go out with friends or, if you’re feeling bold, go on a first date. Regardless, the stars have a lot to say about what this month will hold, with an early-in-the-month full moon plus multiple planetary transits. Here’s what your sign needs to know to make it through this wintry month.

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February 2023 Overview

For a few of you, people may still be gossiping about what went down over the holidays (or maybe you just have friends who love to spill tea). Despite being the shortest month of the year Regardless, if your life indicates any potential for drama, lay low during the full moon in Leo on Sunday, February 5. Full moons bring out the inner animal in all of us. While this can be excellent for sex marathons, it also leads to gossip. But if you feel like staying in, just blame the full moon and say that your astrologer told you to eat snacks and watch TV.

It’s hard to ignore Valentine’s Day in February. If possible, make plans earlier in the month and stick to them. When the communication planet Mercury enters aloof Aquarius on Saturday, February 11, people may feel noncommittal. The best way to avoid V-Day drama is to make a plan beforehand, whether you’re ignoring it, dancing with friends, or going out on a romantic date. And if you are an airy Aquarius, please text back your friends or partner(s) about Valentine’s Day plans.


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