Sagittarius Horoscope 2022
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It’s a new year, filled with plenty of opportunities for you to make money and break hearts, sexy Sagittarius. The latter half of 2022 is quite busy with the start of Sag season and many planets entering your sign. Your ruling planet, Jupiter, which rules expansion and knowledge, also goes into retrograde. But spoiler alert: 2022 also brings a whole lot of fun.

Spend the early months of the year focusing on work and your relationships. Beware of mistaking calm for uninteresting, firey Sag. Don’t blow up a healthy relationship just because you’re bored. Instead, work on writing out gratitude lists to remind yourself of the abundance in your life. And if there’s anything missing, wishes come true when Tuesday, June 14, brings a full moon in your sign, Sagittarius. Full moons are a time of culmination, so circle this date in your calendar. A project you’ve been waiting on, whether it’s getting a promotion at work, or a new apartment, finally comes through. Just remember that full moons can leave everyone on edge, so refrain from stirring things up on social media simply to let off steam.

Your ruling planet, Jupiter, goes retrograde on Thursday, July 28, where it will stay until it goes direct on Wednesday, November 23. Jupiter is the loud, fun uncle who slides you cash under the dinner table at Christmas after too much egg nog. When he’s on your side, luck is on your side. Jupiter retrograde isn’t a big deal, you’ve survived plenty, Sag, but during these months, you may feel more pessimistic than usual. But, the good news is that during Jupiter retrograde, you also see through any illusions. For instance, if you’re hung up on someone from Tinder who all of your friends hate and takes days to text back, Jupiter retrograde will remind you that you can do better.

On Wednesday, November 16lover planet Venus enters your sign, Sagittarius, where it will stay until Friday, December 9. If you are looking to meet someone new, this is an ideal time to do so. Venus rules love, beauty, and money. While Venus is in your sign you automatically feel more attractive, so say yes to first dates. If you’re uninterested or already in a relationship, these weeks see you growing closer to your partner and having lots of hot sex. Not only is this also a time when money tends to appear, but it’s ideal for trying new beauty looks.

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Messenger Mercury enters your sign on Thursday, November 17. It stays there through Tuesday, December 6Mercury rules communication, and when it’s in your sign, it’s easier to express your feelings. You’re represented by the archer, Sag, and you’re the only sign which comes with a weapon. Sometimes you can talk right over people, and you know it, too. While Mercury is in your sign, your communication task is to talk less and listen more.

Sagittarius season begins on Tuesday, November 22. Of course, this means that it’s your birthday, and on your birthday (not all season, Sag) you can be as loud as you want. Throw a lavish party, and while making sure everyone is safe from the pandemic, feel free to go big. Fire signs — especially you — are in need of attention and socialization lately.

The day after your season begins, on Wednesday, November 23, the sky falls dark with a new moon in your sign. You’re always looking forward and how to make your life even better. New moons are times for fresh starts and intention-setting. Meditate in view of the black sky while thinking about everything you want. And, while you’re at it, go over that gratitude list. Stay safe and see you next year!

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