Pisces Horoscope 2022
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Happy 2022, pretty Pisces! You only have to wait a month before the Sun enters your sign, kicking off Pisces season, on Friday, February 18. You’re an emotional water sign, Pisces, but as a result, you’re also the most psychic sign of the zodiac. It’s hard having superpowers though, and as a result, you can get stuck in your head and let anxiety take over. Whether you take up meditation or start therapy, work on lowering those stress levels so that you can relax and enjoy your birthday.

There’s a new moon in your sign, Pisces, on Wednesday, March 2. Each month, a new moon brings us an opportunity to reset, especially when it falls in your sign. You’re represented by the fish, and you really do thrive in water. So use this new moon to take a detoxifying hot bath with lots of fun bath bombs. If you’re really feeling extra, sprinkle rose petals in your tub.

The communication planet Mercury enters your sign on Wednesday, March 9, where it will stay through Sunday, March 27. Don’t take this the wrong way, Pisces, but sometimes you can fall into people-pleasing. Do you feel comfortable going to that crowded party, or are you just trying to be chill to impress a crush? When Mercury is in your sign, your task is to honestly and assertively assert yourself.

Next up, the lover planet Venus enters your sign on Tuesday, April 5, staying through Monday, May 2. At times during 2021, you felt pretty frustrated with your love life. You’re charming, successful, and cute as hell, but you still felt as if you were striking out. The only thing that was missing, Pisces, was confidence. Because disciplinarian Saturn is in independent Aquarius all year, everyone’s asked to find a way to stay true to themselves. While Venus is in your sign, you get that extra boost of swagger from the universe. So go ahead and tell your partner that you love them or ask that crush out. You have so much to offer.

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Mars enters your sign, Pisces, on Thursday, April 14. The warrior planet stays in Pisces until Tuesday, May 24. Mars is the god of war and rules our ambition, sexual energy, and divine masculine traits, which we all contain regardless of our gender. When the fighter is in Pisces, you’ll have an even easier time with that confidence boost.

Your ruling planet, Neptune, goes retrograde on Tuesday, June 28, before going direct on Saturday, December 3. Neptune is a psychic, dreamy, playful trickster, just like you, Pisces. When Neptune goes direct, you’re tasked with identifying illusions in your life. Or, in other words, get ready to be called out. If you’re dragging yourself into work every day, completely miserable, Neptune retrograde will motivate you to start looking for a new job.

Circle Saturday, September 10 in your calendar, which brings a full moon in your sign. Full moons mean manifestation, which means results, baby. It’s a great day to hear back about a professional opportunity; just remember to practice self-soothing techniques to keep your emotions in check. Full moons can bring out everyone’s sensitive side. You’re going to have a great year, Pisces, and see you in 2023!

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