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“The stock market is filled with individuals who know the price of everything, but the value of nothing.” – Phillip Fisher, author of Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits and an early proponents of the Growth Investing Strategy.

The above quote sums up the present situation of millennials venturing into the stock market. We all know that investing in stocks is one of the best ways to grow wealth within a limited period. Most of us are unaware that trading in the stock market is not initially about gaining returns. Most millennials who are new to this market make this mistake and end up learning the hard way. OnlyOptionsTrades, an online course on stock market trading, is changing the scenario for millennials offering the best-in-class knowledge required to navigate the stock market.

OnlyOptionsTrades was founded by Anthony DeGalbo, an entrepreneur heading the company as the CEO. At the beginning of 2020, Anthony DeGalbo realized the demand for financial education among millennials. With the onset of the pandemic, many people who were on lockdown turned to the stock market for a second source of in-come. It was then Anthony noticed that millennials often have several misconceptions about stock market investment.

For some, the stock market means only lump-sum returns within a short period, while for others, it is a highly risky zone to venture into. Anthony created OnlyOptionsTrades with the goal of clearing up all these blurry concepts about the stock market through live online classes and educational tools. OnlyOptionsTrades was launched in 2020 with the sole intention of educating people on stocks and how the financial market functions.

OnlyOptionsTrades is a guided course that provides educated training on stock market trading to help people devise their own strategies to succeed in this market. They hold live classes 5 nights a week that include a wide variety of topics based on financial education. Every live session is recorded to help students watch it at their conven-ience. OnlyOptionsTrades maintains a proficient and active support team who are al-ways available to answer any questions.

All of OnlyOptionsTrades classes are conducted on a fixed schedule and cover all lev-els of training, from basics for beginners to advanced levels for traders. Some of the students who are successfully scaling the stock market with their own investment strategies have learned more from this short-term course than what was taught in their 4-year college degree courses.

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For OnlyOptionsTrades, education about the stock market is more important than mak-ing a profit in it. Before venturing into the market, education forms the basis of any in-vestment decision and guards the investor against all future bumps in the road. This knowledge will stay with every student of OnlyOptionsTrades for a lifetime and can be referred to when needed. OnlyOptionsTrades believes that the stock market is not about big trading and bigger gains. It is actually smaller gains that add up over the years to form a large amount.

Changing a preconceived notion about the stock market was initially a challenge for OnlyOptionsTrades, but with time, the course is proving its worth to millennials. Only-OptionsTrades wants to continue helping more people with their online classes on stock market education, paving the way for new investors in the market.

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