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The nature of COVID-19 has made hygiene more important in both commercial and domestic settings. But as the threat of the virus recedes and a form of normality returns, what are the trends that will shape the cleaning industry in a post-COVID world?

High rises are back on the menu

With the necessity to work from home came the mass desertion of office blocks in major cities across the world. But with the rollout of vaccines and the enhancements of safety protocols, the return to bricks and mortar locations has been embraced by many organizations and employees.

In turn this means that high rises need to be kept clean inside and out, with the exterior windows in particular needing to be attractive and inviting as a means of coaxing undecided staff out of their remote working bubbles.

For high rise cleaning firms like Window Cleaning Edmonton, this is obviously good news, as demand has spiked after the lull caused by lockdowns. 2021 saw an almost 7 percent increase in industry revenues, painting a positive picture for the future of this market segment.

Household cleaning services are highly valued

The COVID crisis has brought a lot of perspective to the relative importance of different industries and services.

While some were revealed to be superfluous, others emerged as undeniably essential.

Domestic cleaning definitely fell into the latter camp, as people looked to protect themselves and their families from the virus, while also having to cope with the increased responsibilities of working from home and also providing childcare and education all in the same space.

Even with the diminishing threat of the pandemic, the habits established during it are being retained. This means demand for domestic cleaning providers has never been higher, and homeowner behaviors seem to have changed for good.

Analysts predict that maid services in particular will undergo industry-leading growth over the coming decade, and ultimately be shielded from any other economic uncertainty or political instability as a result.

Infrastructural improvements will help new businesses

As with any industry that is undergoing significant growth, incumbent operators are being joined by new firms aiming to take their slice of the cleaning market pie right now.

Another aspect which is facilitating this trend is the improving infrastructure both in the West and in developing markets, enabling sole traders and entrepreneurs to more reliably establish startups in this space.

As well as excellent access to cleaning equipment and the associated products, new companies are better able to connect with prospective customers thanks to digital technologies, which make marketing and communication more affordable and effective in one fell swoop.

Commercial cleaning is a priority

While homeowners are adopting cleaning services as a matter of personal preference, for businesses this is a regulatory necessity; one which is expected to remain relevant for years to come, regardless of the direction that the pandemic takes.

From healthcare providers to nightclubs and beyond, every type of commercial space is being held to a higher standard for cleanliness, and as such this will remain the largest part of the market as a whole, even if greater growth is seen in residential cleaning.

All of this means that the cleaning industry could well reach the predicted value of over $111 billion by 2030, effectively doubling its current size.

For businesses in this sector and their customers alike, this is an appealing prospect which could also help to lessen the likelihood of future pandemics.

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