Aquarius Horoscope 2022
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Welcome to 2022, gorgeous Aquarius! Before we go further, let’s point out what the infamous planet Mercury is up to. Messenger Mercury enters your sign on Sunday, January 2, before going retrograde on Friday, January 14. It briefly enters Capricorn on Tuesday, January 25, and goes direct on Thursday, February 3. Then, Mercury reenters Aquarius before finally leaving your sign for Pisces on Wednesday, March 9. So what does that all mean? Well, double-check your emails and texts during January and February. Whether Mercury is moving in and out of your sign or going retrograde, it’s going to be harder to communicate effectively. You can also expect travel delays and technological mishaps. So allow for extra travel time, and as always, make sure that you’re sexting the right person.

On Wednesday, January 19, your ruling planet Uranus goes direct. It’s been retrograde since Thursday, August 19, 2021. While Uranus is retrograde, life can actually feel calmer. The planet spends 40 percent of the year retrograde, after all, so you can’t stress too much over it. But, when Uranus is retrograde, it does ask that you stop dragging your feet. If you know in your heart that it’s time to say goodbye to a toxic job or relationship, now is the time to do so. Uranus retrograde can also help us establish healthy patterns from day to day. Take a step back from stressing out about the bigger picture and set up a sustainable routine that works in enough self-care to prevent burnout.

A dark new moon falls in your sign on Tuesday, February 1. New moons are tremendous opportunities, Aquarius. They represent fresh starts and are a powerful time to set intentions. Write a list of what you want out of love and your professional life. The planets are about to fall into your favor.

The warrior planet Mars enters your sign on Sunday, March 6, where it will stay until Thursday, April 14. On this same date, Sunday, March 6, the lover planet Venus enters your sign, where it will station through Tuesday, April 5. Mars rules assertiveness and sexual energy. When Mars is in your sign, you have no problem standing up for yourself at work. You’re also going to be trying out fun new things in the bedroom with your partner or treating yourself to sex toys.

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Meanwhile, Venus rules love, beauty, and money. With both Venus and Mars in your sign, the spring should sprinkle magic all over your love life. Don’t be surprised if your crush asks you out or your long-term partner finally pops the question. These planets can also encourage cash flow, so it’s a great time to make moves at work or ask for a raise.

There’s a full moon in your sign on Thursday, August 11. Full moons are powerful and primal times that can lead to great sex, but also big drama. Avoid major relationship talks around this time. Instead, go heavy on self-care, whether it’s taking a long bath or treating yourself to a new eyeshadow palette.

Your ruling planet, eccentric Uranus, goes retrograde again on Wednesday, August 24, where it will stay through SundayJanuary 22, 2023. Remember, Aquarius, you’ve got this. Even if you sometimes come across as cold or detached, you care deeply about the world around you. You’re not afraid to be yourself, and you always try to help your community. Specifically, you may notice how you inspire others to speak out to live authentically and fight inequality. But Uranus retrograde reminds you to take care of yourself, too. 2022 brings joy and harmony in your love life (and hopefully some money moves) so celebrate over the holidays and see you next year!

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