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Finding thoughtful gifts for the people who have everything isn’t simple—especially when you’re shopping for Valentine’s Day (or a birthday, anniversary, or holiday). After all, candy hearts can only say so much, and while a sexy or ooey-gooey present might be on theme, sometimes you want to show your loved ones in more considerate and personal ways how much you really care.

The best Valentine’s gifts for the person who either has a lot of stuff or tells you they don’t expect a gift can take a little digging into your giftee’s interests so you can surface new things they might not have given thought. Of course, expressing appreciation can come in many nonmaterial forms (like quality time), but there’s something to be said about tangible, thoughtful gifts that can become keepsakes or lay the groundwork for lasting memories. And, boy, do we have ideas.

For this upcoming Valentine’s Day, we’ve curated a whole bunch of unexpected gift ideas for everyone in your life, including indoor herb gardens for the foodie, warm-water bidets for the boyfriend whose bathroom is their throne, and cozy leggings for the girlfriend who likes to cuddle on the couch. There are collectible treats and small useful gifts your special someone may never have considered for themself, as well as subscription boxes that allow those with particular tastes to discover new favorites. Nicely, many gifts on this list fall under $100.

Below, we’ve assembled the most thoughtful gifts, unique gifts, and personalized gift ideas from brands and retailers like Bearaby, Our Place, Amazon, Uncommon Goods, Etsy, and Lululemon. Whoever you’re shopping for, we have something for them—but shop fast, as February 14 is almost here (and shipping deadlines are closing).

1. For the Person Who Can’t Wake Before Noon: Hatch Restore Alarm Clock

The night owl who is trying to become an earlier riser will appreciate this SELF Certified gentle sunrise simulation clock that combines a light-therapy lamp, alarm clock, white noise machine, and reading light in one. The programmable clock becomes gradually brighter as it approaches their wake-up time and dimmer as it nears their bedtime.

2. For the Person Who Refuses to Carry a Tote Bag: Bindle Bottle (24 oz.)

We doubt the person who already has everything has one of these. The Bindle water bottle can hold keys, money, credit cards, and even a small snack inside its base storage compartment, and its lid is topped with a handle. So, in a sense, it kind of is a tote bag, no?

3. For the Person With Muscle Pain: Acupressure Mat Set

Before bed, they can lie on this mat and neck bolster and let its needle-like nodes massage pressure points all along the back of their body, releasing tension from the day.

4. For the Person Hunting For a Hands-Free Orgasm: Dame Eva

If your partner’s got a labia, this is a thoughtful gift that is sure to spice things up. The outer body of this couples’ sex toy hugs the labia for hands-free clitoral stimulation during vaginal or anal sex, ensuring your partner will get off while y’all are busy doing other things.

5. For the Person Who’s a Coffee Connoisseur: Atlas Coffee Subscription

Any coffee devotee will love a bag of freshly-roasted beans sent to their doorstep for frothy lattes, smooth drip coffee, or the perfect French press. We love Atlas Coffee Club because it introduces subscribers to new blends and beans from around the world with each monthly shipment.

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Cost: Three bags cost $60, 6 bags cost $108, and 12 bags cost $216.

6. For the Person Who Would Live in Their PJs If They Could: Spanx Soft & Smooth Active 7/8 Leggings

These silky soft leggings won a 2023 SELF Activewear Award for their all-day comfort, whether on the couch or during an intense run. Unlike lingerie, this is one Valentine’s Day gift for her that she’ll be reluctant to take off.

Available in sizes XS to 3X.

7. For the Person With a Fur Baby: Homme Sur La Lune Custom Pet Portrait

With this hilarious personalized pet portrait, ensure their furry friend has a permanent place on the wall of family photos. The total funk and nostalgia of the design is sure to crack a laugh from your favorite animal lover.

8. For the Person With a Tiny Kitchen: Our Place Always Pan

Consider the infamous SELF Fave Always Pan, which pretty much nixes the need for any other pan and is as gorgeous as it is functional. With its multiple functions, built-in spoon rest, and range of pretty colorways, it’ll make dinner parties and family dinners a piece of cake—or a bowl of noodles, or a plate of tacos.

9. For the Person Who Lives on Memory Lane: Artifact Uprising Hardcover Photo Book

While printed photos may get lost in drawers, a beautiful keepsake photo book from Artifact Uprising will be displayed front and center on your loved one’s coffee table. Put together an homage to your travels with your SO, your family tree for your parents, or send your niece who’s living abroad some memories of home with this thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift.

10. For the Person Who Takes Tons of Pics: Qubii Photo Storage Drive

Wanna talk about useful gadgets? This little device simultaneously charges their phone and backs up their photos.

11. For the Person Who’s an Armchair Astrologist: The Birthdate Book

That friend super into astrology who always tags you in Co-Star memes (and knows their birth chart by heart) might appreciate a personalized book that maps out all the qualities and horoscopes ascribed to the day they were born. There’s even a dedication page that you can flesh out as an added touch.

12. For the Person Who Wants to Dig Deeper: We’re Not Really Strangers Card Game

This game is a Valentine’s Day gift that will keep on giving—the gift of intimacy, that is. Deepen any connection by answering questions from this set of cards, and add on an expansion pack for any relationship type.

13. For the Person Who Prioritizes Hydration: Lululemon Water Bottle Crossbody Bag

If they’re always sipping from their trusty water bottle, this crossbody Lululemon sling will ensure they never leave the house without it (and can stow their keys, chapstick, and other essentials too).

14. For the Person With Classic Style: Mejuri Bold Round Signet Ring

15. For the Person Who Doubles as a Wellness God: Tushy Classic Bidet

When looking for gifts for people who have everything, have you considered a bidet? This SELF Fave Tushy bidet allows them to adjust the intensity and angle of spray, comes with an option for front and rear washes, and looks great too. It may be an unconventional choice, but it’s one that the recipient (and their bum) will appreciate for years to come.

16. For the Person Who Could Use a Little Bit More Pleasure: Maude Vibe

Our commerce editor loves this vibrator from Maude because it’s easy-to-use, thanks to a single-button interface, and it gives, erm, earth-shattering results.

17. For the Person Who Really Does Have Everything: UrbanStems Subscription

If they own every gadget or knick knack you were thinking of getting them, opt for a flower delivery subscription. Sure, they could get their own flowers, but they’re always more special when they come from you. UrbanStems delivers a stunning arrangement to their door every week, two weeks, or month.

Cost: The Classic plan is $55 per delivery; the Seasonal plan is $75 per delivery; the Luxe plan is $105 per delivery.

18. For the Person With Neck Pain: Nekteck Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

While no one would reject a sexy V-day massage, this SELF Fave, over-the-shoulder massager may do a better job at soothing sore muscles. It has eight kneading massage modes and three intensity levels to toggle between, plus heat.

19. For the Person Taking Control of Their Health: Fitbit Versa 4

A thoughtful gift idea for the fitness fan or gadget geek in your life, the Versa 4 fitbit is a powerful watch in a slim package, as well as a winner of a 2022 SELF Home Fitness Award. Its Daily Readiness Score just can’t be beat, letting its wearer know if they’re good to go for their next workout by analyzing sleep, heart rate, and activity metrics.

20. For the Person Who’s a Devoted Plant Parent: Bloomscape Microfiber Dusting Gloves

You might think the plant parent on your list has all of the plant-care products to pamper their green gals, but they probably don’t own these. Bloomscape’s microfiber gloves make dusting plants a breeze. Plus, using them will boost your loved one’s tactile connection with the plant.

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