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If you loved coloring books as a kid, you can still enjoy your favorite childhood pastime as an adult. Whether you’re getting back into your love of art or need a new way to unwind, we curated the best adult coloring books that will surely entertain. Coloring the afternoon away is a great way to flex your creativity while prioritizing self-care and wellness. It allows you to focus on a single task that brings a sense of calm and relaxation.

From nature-inspired books to ones featuring cheeky humor, we’ve included a variety of fun and unique adult coloring books perfect for your vibe. If you want something artsy and aesthetic, get one filled with abstract designs. We even found a few that celebrate your favorite TV shows and movies, like a Schitt’s Creek-inspired coloring book and a Friends-inspired one. Take some time for yourself, and shop these creative coloring books ahead.

1. For Bob Ross Fans: The Bob Ross Coloring Book by Bob Ross

Unleash your inner artist with the OG himself, Bob Ross. The Bob Ross Coloring Book by Bob Ross ($9, originally $17) contains his iconic quotes and catchphrases, and all the designs are derived from his own work. It has over 75 inspired designs.

2. Best Adult Coloring Book For Nickelodeon Fans: The Splat: Coloring the ’90s

If you’re the ultimate Nickelodeon fan, this The Splat: Coloring the ’90s by Random House ($13-$25) is something you’ll need when you’re in the mood for some nostalgia. This book has designs and drawings from all our favorite cartoons, including RugratsRocko’s Modern LifeHey Arnold!, and more. It comes in paperback and spiral-bound.

3. Best Adult Coloring Book on Amazon: Amazing Patterns: Adult Coloring Book

If you love mandala-style patterns, the Amazing Patterns: Adult Coloring Book by Coloring Book Kim ($6) has 50 detailed designs for you to color. You’ll be able to get creative with colors and unwind after a long day.

4. Best Adult Coloring Book on Amazon: Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Designs

Filled with animals, mandalas, flowers, paisley patterns, and more, the Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Designs by Cindy Elsharouni ($7) is perfect for those who love nature-inspired art. It has over 60 unique and whimsical designs to color. It works great with crayons, gel pens, markers, and colored pencils.

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5. Best Coloring Book For Schitt’s Creek Fans: Schitt’s Creek Coloring Quotes

If you’re trying very hard not to connect with people right now like David, the Schitt’s Creek Coloring Quotes: Unofficial Coloring Book of the Rosebud Motel by Cafe Tropical ($9) will keep you busy, bebe. It contains 38 pages of fun and unique designs. Each design is on a single page, so nothing bleeds through if you are using markers. The book contains a variety of iconic quotes, like “Ew, David!,” “Fold in the cheese,” and more.

6. Best Adult Coloring Book For Mindfulness: Mindfulness Coloring Book

Moments of Mindfulness: Anti-Stress Coloring & Activities for Busy People by Emma Farrarons ($10) is an antistress coloring book designed with busy people in mind to help relieve the burdens of everyday life. It comes with 60 hand-drawn designs. The book even has a variety of prompts and short stories to guide you along the way.

7. Best Adult Coloring Book For Humor: I’m Allergic to Stupidity, I Break Out in Sarcasm

The I’m Allergic to Stupidity, I Break Out in Sarcasm by Papeterie Bleu ($7) says it all. It’s perfect for those who need a good laugh. It contains 51 hilarious designs that will entertain you as you color in the lines.

8. Best Adult Coloring Book Inspired by Japan: Japanese Designs

The Japanese designs of Posh Coloring Book ($6) are super neat and totally Instagram-worthy! It has over 100 pages of stunning designs inspired by all things Japan including florals, dragons, and kimonos.

9. A Coloring Book For Wanderlusters: The Wandering City

You’ll get lost in the legendary “wandering city” when coloring The Wandering City by Moleskine ($12); the city, according to folklore, has been spotted in Europe, the Gobi Desert, the Caribbean, the middle of the Amazon forest, and the North Pole. It’s the perfect book for wanderlusters who need some adventure in their lives. It contains 42 unique and interesting designs.

10. Best Adult Coloring Book For Friends Fans: Friends Coloring Quotes

Can you BE any more relaxed with the Friends Coloring Quotes by Central Perk Barista ($8)?! It contains 35 unique designs and quotes, including “They don’t know that we know they know we know” and “Pivot!”

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11. Best Adult Coloring Book For The Office Fans: Dunder Mifflin: The Office Best Quotes Coloring Book

Even Pam would approve of the Dunder Mifflin: The Office Best Quotes Coloring Book by Mr. Officeman ($8). It’s the perfect companion to a relaxing rewatch. It contains 120 pages of iconic quotes and scenes from the show.

12. Best Adult Coloring Book For Harry Potter Fans: Harry Potter Coloring Book

If you’re a Potterhead, the Harry Potter Coloring Book by Scholastic ($11-$26) is a can’t miss. Whether you’re Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin, this book is something you’ll enjoy. It contains 95 pages of designs from the iconic movies and books, including Hogwarts Castle, the Forbidden Forest, and much more.


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