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Indulging yourself in a marathon of some of the sexiest shows on Netflix is a very rational coping strategy for the dark, short days of winter. In fact, we recommend it! Feel a little bit warmer inside by watching hot people in Netflix nude scenes do intimate things—why not?

As you may already know, different types of sexy shows can serve different purposes. Some are best-paired on a solo night in with a vibrator. Others shine because of their accurate portrayal of queer love and romance. There are those that make the perfect date night companion when you and your partner want to heat things up, and others that are simply comforting in their reminders that sex is a wild, complicated, and yet natural part of life.

Below, we’ve crowned the 23 sexiest shows on Netflix for your viewing pleasure, all with super-hot moments that span a range of genders, sexualities, plotlines, and even *vibes.* Some are rom-coms, some are dramas, and others fall even into the realm of fantasy—so there’s an option for everybody. Whether you’re looking to live vicariously through characters who have glorified sex with reckless abandon or you’re tired of sitting in the same room as your S.O. and hoping to spice things up, these Netflix sex scenes are a great place to start.

1. Marvel’s Jessica Jones

Krysten Ritter stars as the titular character in this Netflix original, which is about a private-detective-turned-superhero with PTSD. Since she understandably, at times, needs to blow off some steam, Jones has a few sex scenes with Luke Cage, a totally jacked bartender whose muscles constantly threaten to shred his shirts into ribbons. As you’d expect, putting these two characters together results in some no-holds-barred encounters.

2. Orange Is The New Black

You’ve probably heard of OITNB, the wildly popular fictionalized version of Piper Kerman’s memoir about being incarcerated for drug trafficking. The show involves a ton of sex, both in real-time (between prison inmates) and in flashbacks to Piper’s pre-prison life. Our favorite is a season three, episode two library scene between characters Piper and Alex. Speed ahead if you’re feeling particularly horny, but if you’re new to the show, we can’t help but recommend starting from the very beginning. It’s that good.

3. How To Get Away With Murder

This Shonda Rhimes gem centers around Annalise Keating (brilliantly portrayed by Viola Davis), a stellar law professor with more than a few skeletons in her closet. Some of Annalise’s sex scenes are so intense that Davis “threw out her back” filming them, which is a good indication of how athletic the action really is. And even though her students are busy with classes and solving murders, they also participate in some X-rated extracurriculars themselves, whether they’re trying to solve a case or because it’s TV and everyone’s gorgeous so that’s how it goes.

4. Sense8

Sense8 is a sci-fi drama about eight strangers around the world who find themselves linked by a mysterious connection. Yes, it has all of the elements of a good sci-fi drama—intrigue, political unrest, people with superhuman powers, and a terrifying splinter organization—but as one of the sexiest shows on Netflix, the sex scenes take the word “connection” to new levels. Not only do we have a diverse ensemble cast (the show won a 2016 GLAAD Award for Outstanding Drama Series), but viewers are treated to a smorgasbord of steamy sexual experiences that Joe Reid of Decider calls “over the top but never silly.” Keep an eye out for the orgies in each season. The nudity delights the eyes, but these scenes come with an added sci-fi bonus—characters that can switch in and out of each other’s bodies. In short: Sense8 makes empathy even hotter.

5. Shameless

There are so many things to love about the spectacular U.S. adaptation of this U.K. show. Emmy Rossum stars as Fiona Gallagher, the eldest child in a brood born to an absentee mom and a father who’s navigating substance use issues. Fiona takes on a lot of responsibility to care for her siblings, so when she lets loose, she really, truly goes for it, if you know what we mean. We’re talking sex that involves shattered kitchenware (though we’d recommend more shatter-proof toys, TBH).

6. Easy

Okay, so we can’t promise every sex scene in this Netflix original anthology series is something that will put you immediately in the mood, but the all-star cast, varying plot lines, entertaining characters, and a plethora of hits-too-close-to-home scenarios totally make up for it. Here’s the gist: The entire series takes place in Chicago, but each 30-minute episode focuses on the love lives of different characters in all types of relationships. Some are married, some have kids, some want kids, others are heartbroken, others are falling in love for the first time. Something’s bound to resonate with you, somewhere.

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7. Luke Cage

Fans of Jessica Jones: Are you on the Luke Cage train, yet? You may have seen him get hot and heavy with Jones in her show, but now, after their breakup, he’s got a show of his own—and plenty of sex to go along with it. For those previously unfamiliar with the Marvel universe character, Cage is a man with superhuman strength and unbreakable skin. Basically, the guy’s invincible—and apparently, so is the sex he has! The show takes its time with these sex scenes too—you’ll see lots of tush—so for those who really want to see it all go down, this one’s for you.

8. Valeria

Fans are already touting Valeria as the next Sex and the City. If that makes you want to stop reading, don’t, because I promise this is good: The Spanish rom-com follows Valeria, an aspiring novelist struggling to find inspiration in her writing and her marriage, along with her three closest friends. Valeria meets an Extremely Sexy Man, Victor, and begins a love triangle with Victor and her husband. To put it bluntly: Valeria and Victor don’t simply have sex, but really, truly fuck. Valeria’s friends also engage in various sexual escapades, well-documented in the show. People have sex at the workplace, sex in a public square, quickie sex, text sex…you name it. But also, there’s a charming and lovely plot to follow. As they say—it’s the best of both worlds.

9. Daredevil

Bless Marvel for providing us with all of this sexy TV content! Daredevil is about a blind lawyer who, by night, fights crime using his other heightened senses on the streets of New York City. Often, the sex between Daredevil and his partners is a solid combination of intense and romantic—the best kind, in my opinion. Three seasons later, Netflix canceled the series—but there’s enough sex in here to keep you going for a while.

10. The Borgias

This show might be the best option for a more old-fashioned crowd; while the sex and romance are certainly no more G-rated than any other show, it follows a 16th-century aristocratic family at the helm of the Roman Catholic empire. So for those who want their moments of intimacy interspersed with a mediocre history lesson, look no further. And heads up if you realized you couldn’t look away from all that inter-family sex in Game of Thrones: There’s even a suspenseful sex plotline between siblings Cesare and Lucrezia. Will they? Won’t they? You’ll have to wait and see.

11. Dark Desire

The names of Dark Desire episodes speak for themselves: “It’s Just Sex;” “One Last Night of Passion;” “What Common People Call Love;” and “Love, That Word” are just a few, for reference. The Mexican thriller-drama was the biggest debut of a non-English language show on Netflix, according to the streaming giant. Thirty-five million households tuned in during the first four weeks after Dark Desire premiered, and the series has already been renewed for a second season. The show is filled with sex, erotica, desire, and, uh, naked murder. So it’s best you buckle up and start catching up, stat.

12. Elite

Imagine Gossip Girl meets Riverdale but set in Spain. That’s essentially Elite in a nutshell. We don’t want to give any spoilers, but we will say the first episode provides you with this: Three working-class teenagers are transferred to an elite prep school; there’s a murder, and you don’t know who’s dead or who did it. There’s also a coming of age party, a lot of alcohol, and some pretty heated guy-guy, guy-girl-guy, and guy-girl fornication.

13. She’s Gotta Have It

DeWanda Wise stars as Nola Darling in the Netflix television adaptation of Spike Lee’s 1986 film. Yes, the dialogue in this modern update is dated. Yes, some of the plot lines fall flat. But watching Darling float through Brooklyn with her band of attractive lovers makes it worth the watch. Over the span of two seasons, the sex scenes between Darling and her suitors (played by Ilfenesh Hadera, Anthony Ramos, Lyriq Bent, and Cleo Anthony) vary from steamy to comedic. Watching these gorgeous people, bathed in impeccable light and accompanied by an R&B-heavy soundtrack, will leave you more than satisfied.

14. You

Part thriller, part steam-fest, Netflix’s original series You enables viewers to live out their role-playing fantasies vicariously through stalker/murderer Joe Goldberg and the women he meets along the way. The show’s third season recently dropped to rave reviews—and we can’t say too much else without giving away spoilers, but, well, the sex is good. And creepy. But good.

15. The Hook Up Plan

Start watching for the adorably awkward protagonist, Elsa, who can’t seem to get over her break up, but keep watching for the sexual tension between her and Jules, the escort that Elsa’s best friends secretly hire to help her get over her ex. The Hook Up Plan has all of the classic romantic comedy tropes you love, and all of the steaminess you’d expect from a show that features an escort. Elsa and Jules aren’t the only characters getting it in. The supporting characters, Emilie and Antoine, give us a show-stealing outdoor (up-against-the-wall) love scene that manages to feel romantic and forbidden.

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16. Tales of the City

Tales of the City started out as a series of novels and then had its first iteration as a television miniseries in 1993. The second and third installments of the miniseries aired in 1998 and 2001, all with the same leading cast. Netflix revived the franchise for a fourth miniseries in 2019, again with key members from the original cast picking up the plot 20 years later. The show won the GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Limited Series in 2020 for its realistic portrayal of queer life in San Francisco. Not only does it feature beautiful, intimate sex scenes, but it accurately demonstrates how sex and sexuality ripple out into other areas of our lives. The series grapples with trans identityPrEP, and exploring attraction to different gender identities, amongst many other important and relatable topics. It’s worth a watch, for sure.

17. Sex Education

This witty, endearing show, now in its third season, follows a group of British teenagers who create an “underground” sex therapy clinic to help each other out with their relationship woes. While the portrayal of sex is utterly realistic—sometimes in a way that makes you cringe and laugh and recall your own escapades of yore—it can also be pretty hot. The show is an excellent date night pick: You’ll laugh, and then, perhaps, become a little bit aroused.

18. Feel Good

The trailer is enough to make you cry, so we highly recommend you watch it, but we’ll describe this show from Canadian comedian Mae Martin anyway. Martin plays themself, a recovering addict and comedian, in the fictionalized series based on their life. Feel Good kicks off when Martin meets George, who soon becomes their new girlfriend. Sweet, intimate scenes between the two of them are interspersed with relatable, honest, and humorous portrays of what it looks like to be in recovery. Bonus points for Lisa Kudrow’s supporting role as Martin’s mother.

19. What/If

Revenge fans, rejoice. This mini-series from Revenge creator Mike Kelley has all the usual stops: politics, power, and sex. Renée Zellweger plays Anne, an influential venture capitalist who presents a young scientist, Lisa, with a tempting offer: She will finance Lisa’s health care startup if she gets to spend a night alone with the desperate founder’s husband. Exactly what that night would include remains a thrilling mystery—one full of lust, extremely questionable ethics, and lots of money.

20. Tiny Pretty Things

 Pretty Little Liars meets Black Swan in Tiny Pretty Things, a sexual thriller about a group of intense—and suspicious—students and teachers at a fictitious elite ballet academy in Chicago. You’ll catch your first glimpse of Netflix nudity not long into the first episode. Twenty minutes later, another sex scene occurs—this time between two astonishingly beautiful men. Scissoring, oral sex, actors who are also all good dancers—let your mind wander with this on-edge drama.

21. Outlander

This sexy series is perfect for those who indulge in period dramas or fantasy stories every now and then. In 1945, a happily married World War II nurse finds herself transported back to 1743 Scotland, where she wakes up in a world much more dangerous than the one from which she came—and amongst a group of hot rebel warriors. Soon, she begins a passionate relationship with one of said warriors, and must navigate her two parallel lives. Seasons 1 through 4 are currently on Netflix—you can catch season 5, and soon season 6, on Starz.

22. Sex/Life

Good lighting, excellent camera angles, and simply beautiful people make the sex in this show just about too good to be true—which is precisely why we think you should indulge in it. Here’s the premise: A suburban wife and mother flashes back to several—SEVERAL!—graphic sexual encounters with an ex she just can’t seem to take her mind off of. So how will it impact her present? You’ll have to watch for yourself to find out. BYOV (bring your own vibrator), of course.

23. Bridgerton

Ah, Bridgerton—otherwise known as The Show That Broke the Internet when it aired on Netflix in late 2020. One YouTube comment says it best: “Gossip Girl + Pride and Prejudice + 50 Shades of Grey = Bridgerton.” If that’s not enough to convince you to watch this steamy series, know that it comes from the mind of Shonda Rhimes, television genius. And if you’re here for just the sex: Skip ahead to episode six, and thank us later.


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