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Horse racing is a very popular sport in many parts of the world, with people tuning in to watch the big races on a regular basis. This has made the world of horse racing very popular with film makers, who try to recreate the past, either with films about gambling or about specific horses themselves.

Here we take a look through some of the horse racing films that are available and see which are the best horse racing films of all time.

10. Hidalgo

This is the oldest film on the list, and also the one that is not your typical horse racing film. We go back to the 1800s here, and head to Arabia for a cross-desert horse racing that can have deadly consequences attached to it.

If you are looking for something a little different to the norm, this may be the one for you.

9. Phar Lap

This story follows the life of a champion horse, one that was loved by the public because where he came from was not where you would usually find horses that have such class. However, there is a sad element to the story, as the horse suffered a tragic and very mysterious death, which is probably why the horse is so well-known, alongside his on-track success.

8. The Cup

This film follows Australian jockey Damien Oliver and his quest to win the Melbourne Cup in 2002. The story takes a look at everything else that is happening in Oliver’s life, including a tragic death which he must overcome, and it is a real insight into what a jockey has to deal with, both on and off the track.

7. Champions

This film follows former jockey Bob Champion, who combined race riding with battling testicular cancer. Champion is known as a tough individual for this alone but took that to completely new levels when he managed to win the 1981 Grand National.

The Grand National is the biggest horse racing in the UK, and a place where punters will find many betting deals UK to take advantage of.

6. National Velvet

Velvet Brown is a woman who has an incredible amount of confidence in her horse and the ability it has. She is convinced it can win a huge race in the UK, despite being known as a quirky horse that has character problems.

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The film takes a big twist as Velvet Brown decides to ride the horse herself, despite not having any experience in big races.

5. Dreamer

This is a film that really dives deep into the relationships that humans have with horses. From those who own them, to the trainers and workers that look after them on a daily basis. The story follows a former champion, who is being brought back to full health to compete at the top level once again.

This is a great story about horses, and the love that everyone in the racing world has for them.

4. 50 to 1

This is the story of a big outsider that won the Kentucky Derby called Mine That Bird. The horse was a big outsider, but that didn’t stop those around him from believing that he could be a champion.

As the title suggests, odds of 50/1 were available on him to win, and he overcame that to win the Kentucky Derby back in 2009. This is a real underdog story for fans of racing to follow and smile about.

3. Let It Ride

LET IT RIDE, David Johansen, Jennifer Tilly, Richard Dreyfuss, 1989. (c) Paramount Pictures.

Many horse racing gamblers have enjoyed days where everything seems to go right for them. This follows exactly that, the story of someone who is betting on horses and everything is going right.

Stakes increase, and if you are looking for a feel-good film to enjoy then this is exactly the type of horse racing film that you should be looking for. It is this reason why the film received many good film reviews when it was released.

2. Secretariat

If you ask many people who have followed US horse racing, they will tell you that Secretariat is one of the greatest, if not the greatest of all time. This horse won the triple crown back in 1973, and his popularity is shown in this film.

If you have heard of the name but are too young to have seen him race, this is a great insight into one of the great racehorses of all time.

1. Seabiscuit

The true story of a complete outsider and underdog that overcomes all of that to become a champion. There is nothing better than watching the emotion this film brings, from those around the horse to the fans cheering and shouting as victory comes.

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This film shows the impact that this horse had on those around it, and why he was such a big deal at the time.

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