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Yes, you read that right. Gwen Stefani is dropping her own makeup line, GXVE. This line was born from her lifelong love of makeup, which began when she was a young makeup artist at various department stores in California. The brand’s name is a reference to the way Stefani writes her signature: G for her name and X for a kiss.

Taking after that signature look, GXVE will launch several lipstick formulas in matte, satin, and liquid formats, all of which will come in her signature red shade called Original Recipe (pictured below). Additionally, the collection will feature four eye shadow quads, blue and black eyeliner pencils, two different brow pencils, each available in seven shades, and a makeup-priming face oil. All of it is housed in black-and-white packaging that emulates Stefani’s fashion sense with metallic gold accents.

GXVE’s formulas are vegan and cruelty-free with a price range of from $24 to $48. All products will drop on March 3 directly to consumers and on On March 10, the line will be available in Sephora stores as well.

The iconic “Hollaback Girl” singer can’t wait for her line to be out, and we’re personally psyched to highlight our own features as well as she does. This new brand will definitely be our sweet escape.

Via: Allure

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