DUI In Illinois
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Driving under the influence is irresponsible. In Chicago, at least ten people are arrested every day for driving under the influence, and in the year 2020, more than three thousand people were arrested and charged with DUI.

So, driving under the influence might not cause you harm, but owing to your negligence, it may harm the lives of other people around you.

DUI is a difficult charge that is challenging to deal with, and people charged with it may face jail time, license suspension, and hefty fines. Dealing with a DUI charge can be determinantal, and if you are trying to deal with the charges yourself, it might worsen your case. So, you must always seek the consultation of the best attorneys to help you with the case and walk you through the intricacies of the charges.

This article talks about all the information you need about DUI charges in Chicago, Illinois.

Penalty For The First Dui In Illinois

After being arrested for a DUI charge, the first thing that you should do is call a reputable attorney that has relevant experience in dealing with such charges. The attorney will guide you through the whole case, your available options, and what to do or what not to do.

The penalties for a first-time DUI case range depending on various factors such as the severity of the charge, if someone was hurt, the extent of injuries sustained, the BAC level, and other such factors. Moreover, it also depends on what kind of defense attorney represents the public’s interest or other parties involved.

  • In Illinois, you might be charged with a Class A misdemeanor and might have to pay fines up to twenty-five hundred dollars. The jail time in such cases depends on various factors and can potentially be up to one year. But, the jail time of a year or even a month is a rare occasion when talking about Class A misdemeanors. Moreover, you might not even have to pay a hefty fine as the court might just ask you to pay the minimum fine of $500.
  • Depending upon the specifications of your particular case, the judge may order you to take substance abuse counseling. Afterward, you would have to prove to the court that you have attended the counseling sessions.
  • The minimum fine for driving under the influence and having a minor in the vehicle is a thousand dollars. The court will also order you to do community service in a program that works for the benefit of children.
  • You are required to do court-ordered community service if the BAC level is beyond a certain level. For instance, if the BAC is more than 0.016% in Illinois, you may be ordered to do community service for a hundred hours.
  • The judge might suspend your license for up to a year. But, if you have to drive yourself for some reason, then you have the right to apply for a restricted driving permit, wherein you are only permitted to drive for work, school, or medical purposes. If you apply for a restricted driving permit, the court will ask to install an ignition interlock device (IID) in the vehicle.
  • If you are charged with DUI while being under the legal drinking age, that is 21; the license will be suspended for two years. Herein, the court becomes more stringent in giving a restricted driving permit.
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Will The DUI Reflect On Your Record In Illinois?

Yes, if you have been found guilty of the charges, a DUI will be a part of your criminal record. This might even affect your career as you are liable to disclose your prior arrests while applying for a job, and most employers can verify the information through background checks.

On the other hand, unlike other states where the charges are not reflected in your record after a few years, in Illinois, they stay on the record forever.

Moreover, you can not even seal your DUI conviction record from the general public in Illinois. Since Illinois has a zero-tolerance policy against such charges, you should hire the best attorney to help you with the case.

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