Real Estate Appraisal
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Real estate appraisal is not an easy thing to master. You can’t learn all about it by reading a few articles or ordering an essay on sites like the one described in this review. Instead, you have to observe the real estate market firsthand. Of course, it is a lengthy process. Though, it’s the best way to learn. Still, you can learn more about the main criteria you can look at when evaluating a house. Everyone needs to start from somewhere, right? So here they are.


Needless to say, the neighborhood of the house plays the number one role in the evaluation process. A good neighborhood makes all the houses rise in their value. The opposite happens in the bad neighborhood. Overall, people often tend to start looking for a home, judging by what districts they prefer. Each district comes with certain expectations and advantages, as well as the prices. Hence, the location will play the main role in the first step of the house evaluation.


The age of the estate will always be a factor in the evaluation process. However, it’s not so easy to predict what role the age of your house will play in its cost. Often, newer houses do not necessarily override older houses in price. For example, older houses in great condition can be highly evaluated, especially if they are built in historical areas. On the other hand, newer houses have fewer risks in terms of their materials and any other potential issues. Hence, the age of your house will play a role, though only professionals will be able to determine it just like real professionals can define whether a service is reliable right after examining a pile of essayhub reviews.

Construction materials

The type and age of the construction materials will play a big role in the final appraisal. For example, if your house had just recently undergone a renovation, its value will rise. Updated electrical system, new roofing, good quality windows and doors, among many other things, will increase the value of the house. Overall, the better and newer materials ensure safer and more efficient house structures. Also, old materials are often acknowledged as hazardous. They have to be replaced for safe living. Hence, people prefer to get houses with recent renovations and modern materials.

Number of bedrooms and bathrooms

The more bedrooms you have in your house, the higher its worth is. Moreover, your house will also be evaluated higher if you have more than one bathroom. Overall, most common buyers on the market are young families or families with children. They are not interested in houses with only one bedroom and a single bathroom. Hence, such houses have a drop in value.

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Design style

The simple classical design has more value in real estate. Anything that has an unusual design style can be hard to sell, which decreases its value. The overall design will play a big role during the appraisal. Most people want a house that they can live in right away. Hence, they want the minimum presence of the previous owners’ design style in the house. If this is not the case, buyers will have to spend money renovating the design, which will decrease the house’s value.


The landscaping will also be taken into account. The curb appeal will definitely increase the value of the house. However, in case a yard has dangerous old trees, plants that require extra care, or other difficult or dangerous issues, a house loses value. Most buyers want a yard that is easy to take care of and doesn’t grab much of precious time so vital not only for adults, but for students examining reviews and trying to define whether a service will meet their academic needs.

Storage space

Large families need a lot of storage space. Hence, a family who looks for several bedrooms will expect to find a large storage space to fit all their belongings. A lack of such will seriously complicate the lives of buyers and decrease the house’s value. Most families value the large storage space in the houses and set it as their priority. Also, the value can go up if the house has a spacious attic or basement, as those areas can be turned into storage spaces as well.

Garage space

A house with more garage space will have a higher appraisal on the market. It’s that simple. If a garage space can fit three cars instead of one, it will increase the value of the entire house. Also, the availability or lack of parking space will affect the general cost of the house.

Current real estate market

Last but not least, the current state of the real estate market will always play a crucial role in the overall appraisal of the house. Numerous things can affect the state of the market. For instance, the overwhelming growth of buyers vs. the limited market options will make the pricing go up to the sky. The growth of the cities nearby will also increase the value of the property around that town. On the contrary, the contraction of the nearby city leads to the opposite results. The national economic situation will also affect the market and its pricing.

Overall, the real estate market is very flexible and fast to change. Hence, it’s important to take the situation on the market into account when doing an estate appraisal.


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