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We have yet to see Saweetie without a set of long acrylic nails. It’s kind of the Bay Area rapper’s signature. Sometimes she’ll keep her manicure simple with one solid color like the stiletto-shaped, blood-red nails she showed off in early February. Other times, she’ll bring out the 3D decals like this silver-studded tangerine coffin manicure. The girl has range, a fact we were reminded of on February 23 when she took to Instagram to show off her latest set: stilletto nails painted light pink, each boasting an arrangement of rhinestones at the base.

Now, this mani didn’t make it to the grid, but Saweetie did give us a peek at the set in her Story. Her manicurist filed her claws into neat, sharp points that could quite actually poke an eye out if you’re being careless. Two iridescent, color-shifting jewels live at the cuticle of each nail. The larger, teardrop-shaped gem hugs the cuticle line while a teeny-tiny diamond-shaped rhinestone rests just above its tip.

If the mani looks a little familiar to you, it’s because Saweetie wore a similar one to the 2021 Billboard Music Awards. At the time, she went with a coffin shape, a slightly deeper shade of light pink, and only a single large teardrop-shaped rhinestone at the base. Are we feeling this updated set? Yes. Are we totally on board with the original version, too? Also yes.

We live for Saweetie’s manicures because we know they will always be cute, creative, and super long. If you’re still about those acrylics, the Icy Bae’s nails are worth paying attention to if you’re looking for a little inspiration ahead of your next appointment. Sure, super long nails can be a hassle, but when they look as good as Saweetie’s, they’re absolutely worth the effort.


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