Leo Horoscope 2022
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Welcome to 2022, Leo! You’re so charismatic that the spotlight is naturally already shining on you. You’re ruled by the sun, after all, and no other signs can say that. The new year brings a few chaotic solar eclipses, but generally speaking, you should end the year happier and more famous than when it began. First up is a full moon in your sign, Leo, on Wednesday, February 16Full moons are notorious for bringing out our primal sign. You’re a lion, Leo, and like all cats, you adore getting pets. Invite a lover over for massages and hot sex. Full moons are also potent times of manifestation (or when we get what we want). Pay attention to your inbox for positive career news this day.

Saturday, April 30, brings a new moon and the aforementioned solar eclipse in Taurus. During a solar eclipse, the sun is obscured by the moon. The sun represents our external experience, while the moon represents our inner thoughts and intuition. As a result, the change during an eclipse usually begins within us. These cosmic occurrences are also a time of opportunity, so this eclipse may coincide with finally landing a new job. But before you get that phone call, an eclipse will help give you the courage to follow your ambition and politely but assertively follow up on your application. And, the rumors are true: eclipses can bring drama. But if you focus on your hustle, Leo, you should keep yourself out of any petty fights or gossip.

Messenger Mercury enters your sign on Tuesday, July 19, where it will stay until Thursday, August 4. You did a great job avoiding eclipse drama, but honey, you are a Leo. Just like fellow Leos Jennifer Lopez and Kylie Jenner, sometimes your magnetic glow attracts shade. If there is any drama in your life, you should successfully navigate it during this time with the communication Mercury on your side.

Leo season begins on Friday, July 22, and lasts through Monday, August 22. Yes, that means it’s your birthday season! You simply wouldn’t be doing your Leo duty without some proper celebrations, darling. The day after the sun enters your sign and your season begins, Ceres also enters Leo on Saturday, July 23, where it will stay until Thursday, September 29. Ceres is an astrologically important asteroid that represents our caring and nurturing side. You may feel more empathetic during this time and more called to help others. Consider turning your birthday celebrations into a fundraiser, and make sure that all of your guests are well-fed.

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There’s a new moon in Leo on Thursday, July 28. While the full moon in your sign earlier this year turned your attention to your career, this time, your mind is on love, you majestic beast. Due to your charisma, you usually tend to have at least one love interest around. But, at times, you can fall into people-pleasing for the sake of keeping partners happy. This new moon asks you to identify what you want out of love. Make a list and write it down. While full moons are for manifestation, new moons are for fresh starts and intention setting. It’s time to own your desires.

Those intentions start to come true when Venus enters your sign on Thursday, August 11, where it will stay until Monday, September 5. Venus is the planet of love. While she’s in your sign, your desirability multiples. You also feel more confident, making it easier to communicate your desires with current and prospective partners. When another new moon and solar eclipse arrive on Tuesday, October 25, get ready for a romantic culmination. Don’t be surprised if someone asks you to make it official or even get married. Enjoy the attention, hot Leo, and see you next year!

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