Renting a home
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If you are moving to a new country, it is bound to feel strange at first. Everything from the weather to the language could be completely unique and it is natural to feel a little out of sorts for a while. However, to help you settle into your new life quickly and easily, here are some tips on how to create a home from home when renting abroad.

Find a Great Property

Decide what you are looking for and what your new property must have before you start looking. That way you won’t waste time viewing properties you don’t want to live in. Don’t be afraid to view several and use a reputable property portal to help you. For example, if you are looking for a house for rent Taiping, PropertyGuru has a market-leading reputation in the Southeast Asian market and they can put you in touch with the best local agents to help you find the home of your dreams.

Re-Arrange Furniture

Once you have found the best property available, you can start working with it. However, you should realize that just because you have to return the property at the end of your term with the furniture that came with it, that doesn’t mean that the furniture has to stay in the same place while you are there. Re-arranging the furniture will help you to create a home from home and put your own stamp on your property.

Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings are a fantastic way to establish your own style in your rented property. You may not be able to take all your soft furnishings with you from home but having some familiar items around you will help you to settle in. You can always order online or shop for replicas if there are things you didn’t bring with you from home that you realize you miss more than you thought you would.

Why not bag some bargains while you are abroad by shopping in the local stores or flea markets? Every region has its own style and tastes, and you can buy authentic local furnishings such as rugs and cushions that are relatively inexpensive. Whether you stay in the country or return to the USA eventually, you will have some interesting and unique mementos of your stay.

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Don’t spend a fortune on soft furnishings unless you are sure you are going to stay in the country. They can take up a lot of space in a packing case so getting them home could be quite costly. You won’t mind leaving it behind or giving them away before you travel if they didn’t cost you much but if you have spent a lot of money, you could then find yourself having to spend a comparable amount trying to get them home. Steer away from particularly bulky items and this will not be as much of a problem.


You can change the ambiance of the whole room with a well-placed lamp or two and this will help you to create your home from home. If you tend to prefer a softer light, use uplighting shades or soft lamps. For a brighter ambiance, spotlighting lamps or multi-bulb lights will give you a lighter-toned room.


Plants are difficult to transport abroad so the chances are you haven’t brought any of your own with you. However, plants can be comforting, energy-giving and reminiscent of home. Tending to your plants is a pleasure if you are green-fingered and there is no reason to stop indulging in your passion just because you are living abroad.

Find some plants that are the same or similar to ones you are used to growing to create your home from home. However, embracing the challenge of growing new plants and flowers is all part of the fun of living abroad so treat yourself to some more exotic ones and see how you get on.

Painting and Decorating

Check with the property owner before you touch their walls as this could result in the loss of your deposit. However, if they are in agreement, painting the walls a light or neutral shade can make you feel as if you have put a stamp on the property without changing too much.

Another way of decorating the walls is by using removable wallpaper. This is easy to put up and simple to pull down at the end of the tenancy too. With the landlord’s agreement, you can decorate to suit your own tastes while protecting the owner’s walls underneath.

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