Neck Pain
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TL;DR: As of September 2, you can get the DR-HO Neck Pain Pro Complete Six-Piece Set for just $129.99 instead of $299 — that’s a 56% discount.

Up to 50 percent of adults experience neck pain, and depending on its cause, one common treatment is massage, though pain relief is temporary. As comforting as it may be to ease your pain for a time, getting daily or even weekly massages can be expensive. However, owning a neck massager might provide on-demand comfort. The DR-HO Neck Pain Pro Complete Six-Piece Set may help reduce your neck pain, and it’s on sale for $129.99 (Reg. $159.99).

A chance to temporarily reduce your neck pain

Causes of neck pain vary, but a massage could relieve many of them. The DR-HO Neck Pain Pro Set offers three types of potential relief: massaging, Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), and Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS). Massage and electrical stimulation have been used for neck pain relief, but you may want to experiment to find the combination of techniques that helps soothe your pain most effectively. If you have other sore areas, the kit also comes with additional body pads to apply TENS on. And if you want to cycle through all the relief types, activate DR-HO’s AMP mode for varied muscle and nerve stimulation.

Similar to electrical stimulation, this kit gives you multiple options for massaging. DR-HO’s deep kneading and rubbing modes might reduce the tension in your neck and shoulders. Just select the type of massage you want from the control screen. And though the relief may be temporary, you’ll at least be able to address your discomfort in the moment.

Here’s the rub with neck pain

Use a combination of electric stimulation and massage to temporarily reduce your neck and shoulder pain. For a limited time, get the DR-HO Neck Pain Pro Complete Six-Piece Set for $129.99 (Reg. $159.99).

Prices subject to change.

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