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It does not matter if you are looking to learn a bit more regarding life in college, searching for a reason to have a good laugh, or just looking to reminisce the college days that have passed, there is a movie that is specifically for you by rapidessay.

Even if you are far finished from the life of a college student or have already graduated just only a couple of years ago, it is always a fun type of trip down the memory lane, not to mention if it is during the season of back to school. In order to get you reminiscing about the campus life and have those memories of the good times you experience with your friends, get comfortable on the couch and take a look at these movies that is mainly on college.

Here are some 5 of the best college life movies. Some are drama, there are comedy films, and all of those gives a good quality view on college from the perspectives of every student.

1. Pitch Perfect (2012)

In a certain University, a group members of Cappella singers and fans of music, in general, will most likely appreciate the wonderful harmonies in Pitch Perfect movie. In addition to that, the storyline which is empowering of a vocal group consisting of all females and is conquering the world of singing one tournament at a time is the girl power there was.

2. Legally Blonde (2001)

A movie about getting into Harvard Law School, the movie is not totally focusing on life in college. Nevertheless, watching the girl Elle Woods or known as Reese Witherspoon is struggling to be part of Harvard and she is trying to win over her target ex-boyfriend which will surely take the viewers back to those crucial years of self-discovery.

3. The Social Network (2010)

Not all the top college movies are usually comedies, this is the case in exact point with The Social Network. This biological drama, The Harvard undergrad and tech genius Mark Zuckerberg played by Jesse Eisenberg starts ti work on a fresh project – also known as the global social network popularly known today as Facebook. He turns into one of the billionaires at a very young age just years later, however then has two lawsuits, one has the involvement of his past friend Eduardo played by Andrew Garfield.

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4. Everybody Wants Some (2016)

Set in the year 1980, a college freshman named Jake meets his best friends and new baseball teammates. Despite him being given a warning by their coach to be very responsible, they all became rebels and got involved in mischief.

5. Neighbors (2014)

Mac and Kelly played by famous Seth Rogan and Byrne are the two parents who have just moved into the new neighborhood with their cute baby daughter. Everything was likely going into place until their neighbor next-door Teddy played by Zac Efron and his very own fraternity move in and begins a war with the new parents. You will only imagine the comedy that ensues.

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