Responsible Surgery Team
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Whether you have been in the medical field for a number of years, or have recently joined a hospital as a graduate, you may want to know the difference between those who are in it for the money, and those who have a genuine passion for helping others. In doing so, you may be able to adopt better working practices, and also be a part of a company that is trusted by its community.

While you may not be in sight for the majority of the time, unlike the nurses and doctors who work on the wards, you may want to consider the other members of a surgical team before accepting a role. If in a higher position, you might also be able to use this knowledge to implement a number of improvements.

The equipment found in the operating theatre can dramatically help with the surgeries that take place there. In particular, mobile medical carts can aid with the distribution of tools and equipment, as well as allow the operating team to have access to a number of life-saving technologies. When more than one operating surgeon is involved, this can also make it easier for tools to be given to those who need them. Likewise, this can also make it easier to exchange items for those that are clean and sterile.

The hygiene levels of each member of the team can also be important when deciding whether or not they are adequately responsible. Since it was discovered that handwashing is important when examining or performing surgeries in the 19th century, there are now a number of procedures that should be followed. In terms of surgery, this may also include donning scrubs and the use of sanitation products. If you notice that members of the surgical team are not following the correct procedures, it can be incredibly important to report this to any superiors. At times, poor levels of cleanliness may lead to wound infections, or even cause loss of life in the patient. In situations where a pandemic is present or even a contagious illness, this might also cause the medical worker to become unwell, as well as spreading the problem around.

Whether or not a team gets on with one another on a personal level should be irrelevant when undertaking surgeries. When part of a team, you might want to make sure that each individual is using good communication skills. If disagreements or bickering stop members of the team from relaying important information to one another, this could harm the patient’s wellbeing. Reporting these incidents, and making sure you keep your own communication skills up to scratch, can really be beneficial to rectifying issues, especially during time-sensitive or complicated matters.

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Being part of a responsible surgery team can be an incredibly rewarding career, regardless of whether you are the head surgeon or an assistant. Together, you may be able to save lives and help people to improve their well-being.


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